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As Promised... Here's How Our Vacation Giveaways Work. 

First, we really appreciate you taking the time to join and participate in our giveaway on Facebook, we've put a lot of effort in making sure we provide one of a kind experiences.

Please Read Below To Understand How To Redeem Your Complimentary Trip.



For participating in our giveaway you'll be eligible for an 18-month open voucher for an amazing luxury resort accommodation to your choice of over 50 destinations!

At the moment the vacation we're giving away is a 3-night accommodation at the beautiful Westgate Lakes Resort in Orlando, FL. valued at $585 for FREE.

😎 Nice Right? 

If you would prefer a different location other than Orlando, FL  you can choose from:

North America FREE Resort Destinations

1) Las Vegas, NV

2) Myrtle Beach, SC

3)  Gatlinburg, TN

4) Branson, MO

5) Daytona Beach, FL

6) Williamsburg, VA

7) Orlando, FL

8) Hawaii

9) New Orleans, LO

10) Miami, FL

11) San Diego, CA

12) Atlanta, GA

13) Chicago, IL

14) San Antonio, TX

15) Atlantic City, NJ

16) Pheonix, AZ

17) Toronto, Canada

Carribbean FREE Resort Destinations

1) Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Mexico FREE Resort Destinations

1) Cancun

2) Acapulco

3)  Puerto Penasco

4) Nuevo Vallarta

5) Mazatlan

South America FREE Resort Destinations

1) Cartagena, Colombia

2) Medellin, Colombia

3) Buenos Aires, Argentina

4) Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Europe FREE Resort Destinations

1) Tenerife, Spain

2) Barcelona, Spain

3) Vienna, Austria

4) Athens, Greece

5) Istanbul, Turkey

6) Stockholm, Sweden

7) Budapest, Hungary

8) Venice, Italy

9) Rome, Italy

10) Paris, France

Asia FREE Resort Destinations

1) Koh Samui, Thailand

2) Phuket, Thailand

3) Bangkok, Thailand

4) Boracay, Philippines

5) Bali, Indonesia


These destinations attract the most tourism per year and we can offer you 2 FREE vacations every year!

*But first, answer this question...

arrow down black to gray giphy.gif

Do You Feel You Fall Into One Of These Categories?

1.) Not spending quality time with family & friends. ⏳⌚

2.) Exhausted from work, need to relax & rejuvenate. 😓👔🔨

3.) Tired of so many repetitive days? Getaway from everyday normal life... 📆😫

4.) Would love to visit where you always wanted to go! ✈️🌎🏖️

5.) Connect with your loved ones by sharing great experiences & create memories. 💖 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

6.) Feel vacations are too expensive, believe you can't afford it. 💸👛💰

Beyond  A Trip Logo 350w 150h - For Wix.

Fort Lauderdale, FL Headquarters

We're conveniently located on State Road 7 (441) and Commercial Blvd. in the Plaza Hotel

5100 North State Road 7
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33319*

"If You Answered YES To Any Of The 6 Scenarios Than You Need This Complimentary Vacation Because It Will Help & Fulfill All 6 Of The Reasons To Getaway Above."

How To Redeem Your Complimentary Vacation.

In return for 3 - 5 nights in a luxury resort at no cost to you, in an amazing destination of your choice, we ask our guests to view a 60 minute presentation explaining the benefits of becoming a member of our vacation club.

You would attend the presentation in our Fort Lauderdale offices.

There is no obligation to purchase but we do ask that you keep an open mind as the information we'll share is very beneficial if you have an interest in taking affordable vacations year after year to amazing destinations.

*IMPORTANT: This offer has nothing to do with buying a timeshare. Timeshare may work for some people but it is simply not what we do.

Here's What To Do Next...

Click the button below to take a quick survey so you can tell us what destination you want to vacation in. 

And to register you for our vacation club presentation.

Click the button If taking a great family vacation and getting away to rest and relax is important to you.

We Know What Your Thinking...

What Is The Catch?

Truth is for us, giving away vacations is the only way for us to compete with big travel companies you see on T.V. ex: Trip Advisor, Booking, Expedia etc. 

We have to over-deliver and give as much as possible to win over guests, in hopes that the next time you vacation you think of us.

Nothing Is Ever Free.

Your right about that. 

But in this case, *we have already purchased the nights we are giving to you from the resorts.

You will only pay for the taxes for your accommodation which equal to about $19 per night.

If you booked a 4 day & 3 night stay at Westgate Lakes Resort in Orlando, FL on the internet, the retail value of this vacation would be $585.

With us, it would only cost $58 for the taxes. Just $19 for 3 nights.

Nobody can escape taxes right?

Our Promise To You. 

When you go to our offices in Fort Lauderdale to learn more about our travel club,  there will be no pushy sales guy that will pressure you to buy anything.

We would love to welcome you to the family but if you choose to not become a member there will be no hard feelings.  

After you're done with the 60-minute presentation, we will email you a link to activate your complimentary vacation that you can use anytime within the next 18 months.

Beyond  A Trip Logo 350w 150h - For Wix.

This promotion is not a sweepstake or raffle.

All eligible participants will receive a gift. 🎁

Travel must be completed within 18 months date of issue of this package.

Complimentary vacation packages are offered for the purpose of introducing the benefits of our travel club membership.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, 

or associated with, Facebook or Google.

As to Disney artwork, logos and properties: Copyright - Disney

Beyond A Trip is not an official site of The Walt Disney Company or of Universal Studios.

Disclaimer | Terms and conditions apply.

All federal, state or local taxes associated with these gifts 

are solely the responsibility of all guests rewarded.

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